Deference to Sarah Palin

Sen. McCain’s campaign chairman announced on “Fox News Sunday” that Sarah Palin would only submit to interviews with reporters who showed the proper amount of respect and “deference.”  WHAT?!?!?! Are they serious?

The Constitution of these United States protects the freedom of the press.  The document does not say, “Unless the interviewee is a woman and a Republican.”  Isn’t this freedom a further check and balance of the three branches of the U.S. government?  Keeping the public informed is (or at least should be) the fiercely protected DUTY of the press.  Reporters are not required to be deferential, least of all to a person running for the second highest office in the land.

Many have claimed that remarks made by some media personalities have been sexist.  That may be true to some extent.  However, treating Sarah Palin with more deference than that given to Senators McCain, Obama or Biden is truly sexist.  Women have fought for decades to be given treatment equal to that given to men, and now this.  It’s insulting and, dare I say it, SEXIST.

Sen. Hillary Clinton was subjected to intense scrutiny by the press during her primary run.  Her daughter was subjected to scrutiny when it was discovered that her boyfriend’s father was convicted of fraud.  This made news, but how dare the press report on unwed Bristol Palin’s teen pregnancy, especially when her mother is such an advocate for abstinence-only sex education?

How dare the press question Sarah Palin about her claims to be a reformer when the record clearly shows her lying about some of her claims:  the bridge-to-nowhere that she says she said “No thanks” to when she campaigned for it, then when Congress killed it she kept the money; her claim that she said “No” to lobbyists and earmarked money when she actually hired a lobbyist to get earmarks for her town and state.

The press has a duty to bring out these, ahem, dare I say, LIES?  Yes, I dare.


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