Kudos to Bill-O

I haven’t been able to keep up with all the parts of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama, but what I saw the first night almost made me fall out of my chair and spill my cheese puffs.

After the first part of the interview aired, Bill had two analysts comment about it, one a progressive and one a conservative.  At one point he asked asked each analyst a question regarding whether or not they trust Obama to protect America.  True to form, the progressive tried to give a thesis about why Obama would be strong <yawn>, and the conservative gave an emphatic NO.

Then the magic happened.  Bill O’Reilly, the leading right-wing mouthpiece since Rush got stoned, let it be known that in his opinion Obama is not a weak man.  Now, he could have stayed quiet and the conservatives would have been happy about the conviction of the conservative analyst and the long-windedness of the progressive, but he didn’t.

For that, Bill O’Reilly gets a hearty thumbs-up from this lay pundit.  Well done.


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