Why Does Sarah Palin Hate Rape Victims?

See, I can do it too.

A story from Palin’s hometown newspaper reported on Democratic then-Gov. Knowles signing into law a bill that would forbid municipalities from CHARGING rape victims for the rape test kits used to find the attackers. Take a wild guess which town’s officials opposed this law because they were charging rape victims for these tests? That’s right: Wasilla!

The saddest part is that then-Mayor Palin let this horrible insult to rape victims happen on her watch. Despicable! I can’t imagine why any woman would vote for her.




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3 responses to “Why Does Sarah Palin Hate Rape Victims?

  1. I wouldn’t say she hates rape victims. That’s pretty strong language. You could probably use the same language against other politicians that don’t support something you do or I could do the same about those that don’t support something I do.

    It looks like your blog is new, if so, welcome to the blogosphere. I started a couple of months ago.

  2. okiepundit

    Hey thanks for the welcome and kind words!

    Yeah, I know it’s pretty strong language. It’s sort of my answer to “Why do you hate freedom?” which has been thrown out every time a free-thinking American questioned the current administration.

    I’ve written some things on this blog that won’t be popular, and I will continue to do so.

    You probably won’t believe this, but I actually do support members of both parties. I’m just a bit peeved about how this current presidential campaign is being conducted.

    Thank you again!

  3. Yeah I know what you mean, except I admit I don’t support Obama. But I understand being peeved, I wrote a post today about how race, religion, gender and sex are stealing the election.

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