Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

This is actually a sad day for me.

Throughout my voting history I have consistently voted democrat with one exception: Mary Fallin (R-OK).

I have spoken to her face-to-face on a number of occasions. As Lieutenant Governor she pushed initiatives that were extremely beneficial to the Great State of Oklahoma. I have always had great respect and admiration for Congresswoman Fallin.

Until yesterday.

She is a member of Sarah Palin’s “Truth Squad” which is anything but. Twice yesterday I heard her speak about the “lipstick on a pig” load of bull that the McCain-Palin campaign initiated. She said that “the people” thought that Sen. Obama was talking about Palin, but would not, even when pressed, say that she herself thought that.

Her main response to all of this was, basically, “Well, the Democrats did it first.”

Mary, oh Mary, DON’T HAND ME THAT CROCK!!! You are, in short, insulting the intellect of the great people of the Great State of Oklahoma. We know better! You should be ashamed of yourself for feeding this lie. I, for sure, am ashamed of you.

My vote and my support will be seriously reconsidered during your next election. I’ve met you, I’ve looked into your eyes, and I am certain that you, of all people, are above this.  I’m begging you, please prove me right



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2 responses to “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

  1. Constantine

    Good luck with having Mary proving you right. Knowing her inside persona vs. the public, she is a talking mike for the republican party. She herself never comes up with issues or has done much in 2 year, 7 bills authored by 2 staffers on needless land rights, and an oklahoma declaration for the statehood. Seriously this is what you send to Washington? Shame on Oklahoma for not doing their homework on candidates and producing more intellectual members of Congress.

  2. Somebody told me that she found herself waayyyy in over her head when she got to Congress and ‘Barbie’ promptly got her behind handed to her on a platter. That’s how it was described to me anyhoo. They act soooo high school! Who raised these people??? They need a good kicking!

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