Palin’s ABC Interview – An Okie’s Analysis

Oh boy, where do I begin?

Charlie Gibson was a bit tougher on her than I expected, but Gov. Palin did handle her answers with admirable delivery.  One person commented on a message board I frequent that Palin didn’t stutter which means she wasn’t lying.  Gee, I wish that were true.  I think it means that she was well-rehearsed, although it bears mentioning that she does have a talent for speaking.

Unfortunately for her, I believe the interview highlighted her lack of experience in foreign affairs and perhaps even her lack of interest.  For example, when she was asked what insight into the current strife between Russia and Georgia she gained as governor of Alaska, she said that Alaska is Russia’s neighbor.  Huh? I have a neighbor who lives far closer to me than Russia is to Alaska, and I can’t tell you why he does some of the things he does.

When asked if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine, she had no clue what that is.  Sheesh!  The Bush Doctrine was widely supported by her own party and is a large factor in America’s current foreign policy, and she doesn’t even know what the Doctrine is.  Thank goodness Charlie was there to explain it to her.

I’m sorry, folks, but she proved to me that she is not qualified, which begs the question:  Why was she chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate?  Was the choice made solely to pander to women Hillary voters?  Was it made because the Republicans thought her youth would counter the “Change” message being promoted by Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama?  Did the Repubs drink the “kool-aid” about her false “reformer” credentials?

These questions and MANY others remain to be answered.


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