Legislators! Get your hypocrisy out of my video games!

Oh, these people never cease to amaze me.

Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore) “…has proposed tax incentives for game developers – but only if their project is eligible for a T (13+) or lesser rating from the ESRB.” (Link)

Wait a minute!  These Republicans are such free-market champions that they are willing to offer tax incentives to boost an industry in Oklahoma only if that industry will comply with the Right’s sense of “morality” and “family values” but won’t send a mandate to insurance companies to cover autism spectrum disorder.

Wow!  So, telling insurance companies to cover austism is “Big Government,” but telling software design companies they can have a tax incentive only if they produce games that are basically G-rated is somehow not “Big Government?”

To be fair, Sen. Sykes has stated that he would rather not include the ratings restrictions, and that he only added them to get the support of other senators.  I actually feel for the good Senator Sykes.   I know what it’s like to be up against those who think that they can legislate morality.

In Oklahoma, that can be a very lonely place.



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2 responses to “Legislators! Get your hypocrisy out of my video games!

  1. Very well said! Great point!

  2. Great points! Thank you for saying so well what many people are thinking!

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