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The Final Word on Gay Marriage

My how this issue brings out the best in people.

A few things to consider:

1.  “Marriage” is a holy institution that has been adopted by the government. According to most religions, only God can make a marriage, and “that which God hath made, let no man put asunder.” I’m sure most of you have heard that. That being said, government adopted this concept in order to build laws around it. So, if you hate “Big Government” as all the conservatives claim they do, you should be incensed that the government is choosing to define marriage, which, as you claim, has been defined by God! How dare Government intrude upon lives like that!

2. Current law views marriage as a contract between two people. Think about that. Only those who can legally contract can legally marry. Dogs, cats, aardvarks, underage children, none of these can legally marry because they legally cannot contract for themselves. Two people of the same sex CAN legally contract for themselves. As a matter of law, gay “marriage” should be perfectly legal.

3. Who here can honestly say that if Bill and Bob got married that they would look to their wife and say, “Myrtle! We might as well get a divorce now, because the gays cheapened the love we have for each other. I don’t love you as much now as I did yesterday because two guys got married!”

In short, the government should have a vehicle for legally binding two people together, whether they be gay or straight. The church (of any faith) should be left alone to determine what is or what is not a “marriage” by its own tenets.

It’s actually a common sense issue.


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A President Obama “To Do” List

I wrote this in response to Rachel Maddow asking viewers to post a “to do” list for President-elect Obama. Let me know what you think!

First: Publicly ask prominent Republicans to join the administration in the cabinet or advisory posts. The old adage is to get the acceptance for the offer privately than announce publicly. In this particular case, I think the opposite would make better political sense. Ask publicly and let the person asked refuse publicly. It would comfort the nation to see that the promise of bi-partisanship was not just a buzz word. (Imagine the fun if the administration asked Ben Stein to join the economic advisory team, or if Bill O’Reilly were asked to join the administration’s media relations team.  Do you think they would do their patriotic duty and do it for their country?)

Second: Ask Congress to do away with ALL earmarks and, instead, implement a higher discretionary funding system. Each legislator would be given so much money per year to use at his or her discretion for infrastructure or other programs within the legislator’s state. And then, require each legislator’s expenditure to be placed on a publicly accessible website for transparency. I think this would increase the American people’s confidence in their congress and would eliminate bottleneck that are inherent on major legislation because of the fighting over pork-barrel projects.

Third: Implement an International Parity in Trade bill that installs trade restrictions on imports from X country that mirrors its restrictions on our exports to that country. For example, Japan has long practiced tricky restrictions on American imports that place us at a disadvantage. If America were to mirror those restrictions, this would have a negative impact on Japan’s economy. They might loosen those “safety” inspections that cause our imports to rot on the docks.

Fourth: Implement a tax on capital gains realized on investments in foreign countries then earmark those tax dollars to paying down our debt owned by countries like China. Although taxes are not popular, I think that a consortium of large investors could be convinced that a small tax on this type of capital gains is indeed patriotic as long as the trust that those tax dollars would go exclusively towards this purpose is maintained.

Fifth: Speak to the troops. Let them know that although we are working towards drawing down in Iraq, we need their service in Afghanistan. We have one mission and one mission only: Get Bin Laden. I honestly believe the troops would be proud to follow that mission. It’s a mission with a definite goal. It has an “exit strategy.” It’s attainable.

Just my $0.02


the Okie Pundit

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Now is NOT the Time to Gloat!

Last night I watched the Left’s post-election talk shows Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Rachel Maddow Show. While Rachel seems to have a bit more restraint than Brother Keith, I was still appalled at the level of gloating vindictiveness I saw from both. In Keith’s “Worst Persons” segment he listed Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol and Bill O’Reilly. Instead of lambasting them for another idiotic statement they may have made, he simple said of each one of them: “You don’t matter anymore.”

Well, Keith, yes they do. They are the other side and you can bet that they will be rabidly vocal when President-elect Obama makes an inevitable misstep during his term as President Obama. By you simply saying that they don’t matter, you are actually doing harm to the cause for which you advocate. You attack in this way and make these Right-Wing Demigods victims. Had you actually refuted something they had said as you normally do with tremendous alacrity, your point would have been better received. But now, what you have done is essentially slapped them across their faces with a glove. You are aiding and abetting their cause. If you make the Kristols, Limbaughs and O’Reillys of this world victims, the Right will rally behind them in even greater numbers. They have enough causes without you giving them more.

And Rachel, the snarky comments about McCain’s cars was indeed uncalled for. You have a tremendous amount of class. Please use it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is NOT the time to gloat. This is not the time for vindictive pettiness. This is the time for us to follow the example of our new President and take the high road. It is OUR time to come together, to extend the olive branch, to enact REAL change.

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Obama’s Dream Cabinet (IMHO)

Editor’s note: Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but life’s obligations seemed more important.

If Sen. Barack Obama can pull of a win in the election next Tuesday, I have some suggestions for his Dream Cabinet. Please note that this is my opinion and includes a little satire. Also, some of these postings, while also being good for the country, would play off of President Johnson’s philosophy of “I’d rather have them in my tent pissing out than outside pissing in.” Additionally, some of these aren’t actual cabinet positions, but instead are administrative appointments.

  1. Secretary of Defense: General Colin Powell (duh!)
  2. Secretary of the Treasury: Dave Ramsey (yes, THAT Dave Ramsey!)
  3. National Security Advisor: Sen. John McCain (a perfect post for him)
  4. Secretary of State: Sen. Hillary Clinton
  5. Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Gov. Mitt Romney
  6. Chairmain of the SEC: Warren Buffett (the “Conscience of Wall Street”)
  7. Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Rep. John Murtha (yes, he’s said some dumb things, but this is a good post for him)
  8. Chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  9. Attorney General: Sen. Fred Thompson (oh, why the hell not! He plays a great D.A. on TV.)

This is a work in progress and will be updated as I think of more


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McCain Does NOT Support the Farmer

McClatchy newspapers yesterday released a news story detailing the record of John McCain which shows that he does not approve of federal subsidies for American farmers.  In 2006, Sen. McCain sought to remove a $74 million grant program that would help states promote sales of locally-grown fruits and vegetables.  Thankfully, he was defeated by some of his own party and a then-new senator named Barack Obama.

The American farmer is a staple of our society and extremely worthy of admiration for anyone who sits down at his dinner table.  True, the federal government should reform its current system of subsidies, but a simple veto as would likely happen under a McCain administration is not the way to go about it.

The McClatchy Story

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Palin’s ABC Interview – An Okie’s Analysis

Oh boy, where do I begin?

Charlie Gibson was a bit tougher on her than I expected, but Gov. Palin did handle her answers with admirable delivery.  One person commented on a message board I frequent that Palin didn’t stutter which means she wasn’t lying.  Gee, I wish that were true.  I think it means that she was well-rehearsed, although it bears mentioning that she does have a talent for speaking.

Unfortunately for her, I believe the interview highlighted her lack of experience in foreign affairs and perhaps even her lack of interest.  For example, when she was asked what insight into the current strife between Russia and Georgia she gained as governor of Alaska, she said that Alaska is Russia’s neighbor.  Huh? I have a neighbor who lives far closer to me than Russia is to Alaska, and I can’t tell you why he does some of the things he does.

When asked if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine, she had no clue what that is.  Sheesh!  The Bush Doctrine was widely supported by her own party and is a large factor in America’s current foreign policy, and she doesn’t even know what the Doctrine is.  Thank goodness Charlie was there to explain it to her.

I’m sorry, folks, but she proved to me that she is not qualified, which begs the question:  Why was she chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate?  Was the choice made solely to pander to women Hillary voters?  Was it made because the Republicans thought her youth would counter the “Change” message being promoted by Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama?  Did the Repubs drink the “kool-aid” about her false “reformer” credentials?

These questions and MANY others remain to be answered.

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Hey, Fox News! Didn’t You Get the Memo…?

You’re not supposed to attack the Republican ticket!

I am gaining a lot more respect for Fox News after seeing how Bill O’Reilly defended Sen. Obama and now how Chris Wallace exposes Sarah Palin’s lies.

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