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The Final Word on Gay Marriage

My how this issue brings out the best in people.

A few things to consider:

1.  “Marriage” is a holy institution that has been adopted by the government. According to most religions, only God can make a marriage, and “that which God hath made, let no man put asunder.” I’m sure most of you have heard that. That being said, government adopted this concept in order to build laws around it. So, if you hate “Big Government” as all the conservatives claim they do, you should be incensed that the government is choosing to define marriage, which, as you claim, has been defined by God! How dare Government intrude upon lives like that!

2. Current law views marriage as a contract between two people. Think about that. Only those who can legally contract can legally marry. Dogs, cats, aardvarks, underage children, none of these can legally marry because they legally cannot contract for themselves. Two people of the same sex CAN legally contract for themselves. As a matter of law, gay “marriage” should be perfectly legal.

3. Who here can honestly say that if Bill and Bob got married that they would look to their wife and say, “Myrtle! We might as well get a divorce now, because the gays cheapened the love we have for each other. I don’t love you as much now as I did yesterday because two guys got married!”

In short, the government should have a vehicle for legally binding two people together, whether they be gay or straight. The church (of any faith) should be left alone to determine what is or what is not a “marriage” by its own tenets.

It’s actually a common sense issue.


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