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Patriotic Energy

When I lobbied for wind energy, I was amazed at the resistance I encountered by some in the Oklahoma Legislature. My last bill, which didn’t pass, was blocked in the senate by Senator Mazzei and Senator Johnson. That bill would have implemented a tax credit for the consumer of wind, solar or geothermal technology. It would have made the price of those technologies more affordable to home- and business owners. Senator Jolley railed against the bill stating that “if you want to do something for the environment, plant a tree.” Senator Mazzei stated that if we gave this tax credit to the consumer, then Oklahoma’s tax base would have eroded to the point that the legislature wouldn’t be able to give a blanket tax relief package to everyone. This may have had merit if Sen. Mazzei hadn’t pushed a bill giving tax credits to those who purchase health club memberships. I guess his hypocrisy know no bounds. Senator Johnson’s excuse was that he just didn’t want to do any more for alternate energy. At least that was more honest.

I have stated numerous times that the USA’s necessity in finding home-grown, alternate energy resources is a matter of national security. Here’s an example: Guess what runs on oil and is essential to our national security? Stumped yet? Well, it’s the military! We could not fight a land or air war for very long if we had to rely on American production and reserves. We’d be sitting ducks (and lame ones, too) like Rommel was in WWII.

Now, the vehicles used in the military don’t have much to do with wind energy, but the concept is the same.  If the USA were able to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, then not only would we be more secure, but we would also not be sending all that money to a group of countries that don’t like us very much.

Think about it.


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